Can I use an extension cord with lighting and fog machines?
All electrical items work better when used with the power cord they are supplied with. If you must use an extension cord make sure that the AWG is rated for the Amps and Wattage are correct for the item. Keep in mind that amperage is lost with additional lengths of cord and the resistance created on the extension cord may cause the cord to heat up and possible become a hazard. If you have any questions on cord length, or appropriate AWG size, please do not hesitate to call us.

What is the best angle to operate a search light?
The best angle is 45° or less.  Search lights are most effective when the beam is scanning just above the horizon.

How do you determine how many Watts an electrical item is?
The equation to solve this question is: Watts = Amps x Volts

How do you determine how many Amps an electrical item needs to operate properly?
The equation you need is as follows: Amp = Watts/Volts

How far does a laser beam go?
If unobstructed it’s distance is infinite; however, the beam will become more distorted as distance increases.