Equipment Repair

On-Site Special Effects Equipment Repair

On-Site Special Effects Equipment Repair

When you hire Twisted Monkey FX for On-Site Special Effects Equipment Repair, you get solutions... never excuses!

Let's say you ALREADY own a perfectly decent array of Lights, Foggers, Bubble Machines, Snow Machines or Strobe Lights - They just don't work anymore! Nobody's to blame, these things happen... but now it's time to think on what you plan to do about it.

Most clients don't realize that professional-grade Special Effects Equipment is fully serviceable by trained technicians. Hiring a trained technician from Twisted Monkey FX can save Special Effects Equipment owners hundreds, even thousands of dollars when compared to purchasing all-new replacement gear!

On-Site Special Effects Equipment Repair is the perfect option for venues looking to preserve "that special something" about their setup. With Twisted Monkey FX, every night can have that dazzling "Opening Night" look!

Our clients operate out of venues big and small - Don't wait to give us a call! If you're the shy type or you prefer thumb-swiped communication, you can CONTACT US directly through our website to explore your options anytime!